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Sorting system

System Introduction

ROBOtech Sortation Systems are used by leading retailers, parcel, freight, 3PL, catalog, hardware and other distributors requiring rapid, accurate, and cost-effective product handling. With increasing labor costs and demand for faster, more responsive operations, ROBOtech  Sortation Systems improve productivity and throughput capacity for distributors.

Product Type (Characteristics)

• linear sorters (throughput rates up to 24000 items per hour)
• divert systems (sortation rates of 5-to 80 cases per minute)
• circular sorters (extremely accurate, high-throughput sortation)

System Advantages

• Provides cost-effective and efficient flow of goods to consumers
• Reduces labour costs with fast, accurate automation
• Increases throughput capacity in manufacturing and distribution
• Delivers high level of accountability for precise tracking of materials
• Integrates with latest supply chain technology

Typical Application Of The System

• Routing and sortation of inbound goods
• Cross docking
• Case Picking 
• Piece picking
• Shipping
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