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Stacking and unloading system

System Introduction

ROBOtech offers a portfolio of user-friendly, cost-effective, high-performance palletizing and depalletizing systems to address the complexities of distribution operations. From manual ergonomic palletizing & depalletizing stations to fully automatic robotic options, ROBOtech modular systems provide maximum performance, flexibility, and reliability.

Product Type (Characteristics)

• automatic palletising & depalletising (reliable robotic systems to build mixed-case pallets)
• ergonomic palletising & depalletising (ergonomic building of mixed-case pallets)

System Advantages

• Options for full or partial automation
• Precise sequencing of cases on the pallet
• Reduced labour costs in warehouse
• Customised dispatch units for easy in-store replenishment
• High pallet density for lower transport costs

Typical Application Of The System

• Layer order fulfillment
• Mixed case order fulfillment

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