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ROBO Technologies Automation (Suzhou)Co., Ltd. Xiamen Branch Officially Established

Company News | 2020-04-07 Page views:

The year 2020 is the start of a new era. This year will have a far-reaching influence on the development of the Logistics Industry in the next decade. The unexpected COVID-19 pandemic situation broke the normal pace of life, making us realize the importance and decisive position of intelligent logistics once more. Intelligent logistics is indispensable in both the distribution of supplies for anti-COVID-19 pandemic situation and life security of residents.

       Adhering to the concept of “In China, For China and Better World”, ROBO Technologies Automation (Suzhou)Co., Ltd. which is originated from Austria, localizes the European Technology. The company is committed to the technology R&D and deep ploughing of global intelligent logistics solutions. It realized reverse growth by establishing Xiamen Branch on the basis of Xiamen Technology Center on February 18, 2020 in order to respond China’s demand for the development of intelligent logistics industry and conform to the trend that the company’s expanding market. In addition, Xiamen Engineering Technology Center and Xiamen Technology Innovation Center were set up then.

Director Mr. Ruan Wenbiao , Deputy Director Mr. Ma Haiping and Some Technical Experts of Xiamen Branch

            The Xiamen Branch is responsible for the R&D of Multi-Shuttle and new products and for developing and maintaining the market. The Branch will build a platform for business development, technology innovation and R&D support in Southern China Region. It will provide the regional market more timely and efficient service and support which are closer to the market front. The Xiamen Branch will strongly boost the influence of ROBO Technologies Automation (Suzhou) Co., all respects.

Shelf Storage Management Mode has been adopted to Spare Parts Warehouse in Xiamen Branch


              With the efforts of all employees in the company, it has fully carried out work arrangement. We sincerely hope that the spring breeze will wipe out the pandemic situation soon and prosperity will reappear throughout China. 

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