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Optimizing Management, Improving Performance—Official Launch of LTC Flow Reform Project

Company News | 2020-06-16 Page views:

ROBO LTC (Leads to Cash) System project has been launched officially on June 15, 2020. It aims at building a close-ring platform type ecological operation system which starts from market, clue, sales, project, delivery, cash to service. The kick-off meeting was conducted by Qu Dongchang, the GM Special Assistant of ROBO, Tang Shuzhe, the General Manager, the CFO Wang Haiping, some other management staff and other related personnel attended the meeting.

As the project sponsor, Tang Shuzhe believes LTC is not just a flow system, but a transformation that ROBO views and handles business. It is a process that contains continuous learning and harvest for everyone who takes part in the LTC project; besides, the reform of LTC system makes each department form a normative workflow action mechanism and evaluation system, so that the business can grow more efficiently, and ROBO will become larger and stronger when satisfying the customers. Therefore, we must fully understand that the propelling LTC is significant to the development of private person and the company, and we must strengthen the awareness of crisis and reform, and firmly advance work related to LTC to ensure the realization of its strategic goals.

The project leader, Wang Haiping, elaborated the project motivation, the significance of carrying out LTC and excellent LTC practices in the industry. He came up with the project vision and the overall idea of project implementation, and introduced project team structure, role & responsibility, project plan & implementation, project investment and potential risks in detail. On the meeting, Qu Dongchang deeply analyzed the essentiality to implement the LTC system, and team members brainstormed, discussed and analyzed the problems existing in the key points during project implementation and links that can be optimized.

The essence of LTC is to solve the problem of business collaboration from the corporate level to build ROBO’s core competitiveness with higher customer satisfaction, shorter delivery cycle and faster payment collection. Meanwhile, the company can face customer end with stronger power and advance the LTC implementation with customers to enhance collaboration ability and realize win-win cooperation. 

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