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Storage system

System Introduction

ROBOtech offers a complete range of storage and buffering systems from racks and shelving to a diverse selection of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RSs).

Subsystem Contained

• Automated storage System

• Cache System

• Shelf System

Product Type (Characteristics)

• Multishuttle (flexible,modular,adaptable-more throughput in less space)
• Mini-load AS/RS (optimal small parts storage)
• Unit load AS/RS(pallets,rolls and other bulk loads)
• Racking and shelving (quality racks and shelves for sophisticated storage needs)

System Advantages

• Better use of space
• Higher labour productivity
• Enhanced inventory accuracy
• Lower operating costs
• Reduced inventory shrinkage and theft

Typical Application Of The System

• Carton storage 
• Automated case order fulfillment
• Dynamic pick-face replenishment
• Goods-to -person picking
• Goods to robot picking 
• Raw material storage 
• WIP and short-term storage buffer 
• Finished goods storage 
• Buffering and sequencing of loads 
• Automatic replenishment 

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