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Conveying system

System Introduction

ROBOtech offers a complete range of conveyor and transport technologies to take items up, down, through, across, and around a facility.

Product Type (Characteristics)

• case & package conveyor (efficient transport for cases, totes,and packages)
• pallet conveyor (heavy unit-load conveyor systems)
• embeded towline system (reliable transport and sorting of products)

System Advantages

• Allows accumulation without line pressure to limit product damage
• Reduces handling costs for repetitive tasks
• Merges and diverts for balanced workload
• Efficiently transports products between processes
• Integrates with material flow controls to support the latest technology

Typical Application Of The System

• Cross-docking
• Case picking
• Piece picking
• Shipping 
• Convey and transport of pallets and other bulky loads 
• Dynamic pick-face replenishment
• Goods to robot picking 
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