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Core Intelligent Logistics Equipments

ROBO produces and manufactures core world-leading intelligent logistics equipments, including AS/RS, multi-shuttle, conveyors and Quickjets.


Efficient • Precise • Flexible

A-Frame picking machines gather together different kinds of goods to automate order picking. Meanwhile, they are perfectly compatible with sorting and distributing subsystem and other components.
A-Frame picking machines are common sorting equipments at present, mainly used to sort small items in regular shape, and they are widely used in industries such as pharmacy, cosmetics, tobacco and other industries which requires for small packing sorting.

Features and Advantages

  • Reducing manual operation and high throughput in peak time
  • Sorting goods in large capacity continuously
  • Improving efficiency and accuracy in fast picking
  • High efficiency and space utilization
  • Adjust the product channel flexibly, easy for maintenance
  • Design in module and easy to be integrated into the existing system
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