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Intelligent Logistics System Solution

Intelligent Warehouse System Integrator

With 30 years of technology accumulation, ROBO provides a series of customized service for global users, including planning and design of logistics system (for production or distribution line), manufacturing, production, assembly, software development, development of electric control system, onsite installation and commission, user training and after-sales service.

Moreover, it helps customers achieve automation, information and intelligence in the process of input and output, storage, conveying and delivery, picking and sorting, and last but not least distribution. It helps increase efficiency, reduce cost and promote management, and ROBO is committed to create value for customers, and help realize the integration, sharing and visualization of management system of corporation inter-logistics.


  • Consulting & Planning

  • Equipment maintenance

  • Spare parts

  • Upgrade


  • Manufacturing

  • Design and simulation

  • Electrical control

  • Installation

  • After-sale service

  • Software

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